Mediterranean Lamb: The Healthier Red Meat

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015

Mediterranean Cuisine’s Focus on Healthier Eating

Mediterranean Cuisine is based on the livestock, fishing and agriculture that was available in the region which is prone to longer growing seasons and milder climates.  This climate made bovine meat and butter less popular in these regions due to unfavorable conditions necessary for expansive grazing lands needed to raise large quantities of cows.  Due to these climate restrictions Mediterranean cultures adopted a healthier diet, rich in whole grains and alternative sources of protein, specifically fish, poultry, game and lamb.  The need for alternative red meats led to a healthier Mediterranean diet than we see in other cultures.  Lamb tends to be much leaner than beef, containing less fat per ounce than traditional beef.  This coupled with the fact that most cheeses made from sheep’s milk are lower in cholesterol than those made from cows milk led to a healthier diet overall.  Not only does the Mediterranean diet provide a healthier way to eat, but it is a delicious alternative as well.  With the popularity of the Gyro and other famous Mediterranean dishes, eating healthy is easier than ever.  Come into Choice St. Louis and try our Healthy Lamb Gyro or our Mediterranean Lamb Salad today!!



Healthy Mediterranean Lamb

Healthy Mediterranean Lamb

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